‘Party Down South’ stars: The show 'absolutely real'

The cast of “Party Down South” brought their Southern rowdiness, craziness and excitement to the Fox News studio in Los Angeles to talk about the upcoming season. “Party Down South” season three ranked as CMT’s highest rated original series and expectations for the fourth season are even higher as the gang takes on St. Petersburg, Fla., showing the city how to have a good time.  

Fans can expect a drama-filled 10-episode season according to cast members Walt Windham, Josh Murray, Mattie Breaux and Tiffany Heinen. 

“I wouldn’t say there’s drama to a point where you hate each other, you’re just not scared to call each other out,” Windham told FOX411. “Sometimes they know too much about each other so they’ll use that against each other and then you’ll wake up the next morning sober and you’re like I kinda wanna know what happened but don’t wanna bring it up and then you drink the next night and then it comes up again until someone eventually squashes it.”  

This season is filled with partying, drinking, fights, laughter, tears and even an engagement and the cast insists all the chaos is real. 

Heinen told FOX411 that the show is "absolutely real," while Windham added, "you can’t teach stupid."

“Everything viewers see is completely us. That’s us talking, us doing the stupid stuff, everything,” said Breaux. “You will laugh until your stomach hurts.”

“Party Down South” is produced by 495 Productions, the same company who worked on “Jersey Shore,” however, Murray explained their show is totally different.

“We have the same exact premise we just do everything in a completely different way than they do,” he said. “They have their methods and we do country stuff.”

Breaux added that the Southern gang’s slogan can be “cook, drink, and repeat” instead of “gym, tan, laundry" like the "Jersey Shore" stars. 

Although the series may show crazy behavior and excessive partying, the gang just wants to teach viewers to be themselves. 

“You only live once, be yourself and live life to the fullest right now-you only get one shot at it,” Heinen said proudly.

Windham said to not be scared to be who you are and to be yourself, adding with a laugh, “If you haven’t peed the bed, I feel like you’ve never partied before.”

Murray added, “People are gonna talk trash about you and judge you no matter what you do, so give them a reason to talk.”

Heinen explained that most of what people say is a "mind over matter" issue.

“I don’t mind what you say about me because in reality you don’t matter to me,” she said. “Watching people talk so much trash on you so much is a con. It hurts and it makes you think why did I do that? But at the end of the day, I’m like I’m Tiffany Heinen I’m gonna do it anyway why does it matter what people say.”

The group even took a road trip to Miami and helped another cast member Lyle Boudreaux get engaged.

“To be a part of it and to help someone make it happen, that was awesome,” said Breaux. “They motivate each other to be better, and she’s great with his little girl.”

Put aside the drunk fights, the gang has only love and support for one another and for their fans. They insist they will never forget where they came from.  

“We don’t say we have fans, we just say we have a bunch of friends we haven’t met yet,” Murray said

“Party Down South” returns on August 20th on CMT.

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