Nicole Kidman talks about her Sharon Stone moment in 'The Paperboy'

As awards season kicks off, Nicole Kidman again finds herself in the mix, this time for her racy turn in the thriller "The Paperboy."

Kidman talked to The Daily Beast about the raunchy role, and one scene in particular, which was reminiscent of Sharon Stone's famous leg-crossing scene in "Basic Instinct."

"It wasn’t written that way; that just evolved on the day," Kidman said. "The minute I saw John walk in and he was shackled, it seemed logical to me that they would react that way. There’s this palpable chemistry where they feel alone in the room—there’s nobody else—and they’re obsessed with one another. And she needs that power over him because it’s attractive to her. She operates on a very primal level because, for an uneducated woman with no money, she doesn’t have much that society values besides sex."

Clips from that scene and several others are featured in the trailer to "The Paperboy" published by The Sun.

Kidman, 45, went blonde to play oversexed southern housewife Charlotte Bless. And she's not the only one getting down and dirty in the movie. Zac Efron spends some time showing off his  torso as well.

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John Cusack plays convict Hilary Van Wetter, who is conducting a love affair by letter with Charlotte as he awaits the death penalty. Matthew McConoughey and David Ayelowo are the local lawyers charged with Hilary’s appeal in the movie, written and directed by "Precious" director Lee Daniels.

Go to The Sun to see "The Paperboy" trailer.