Modern Family Feud: Are Sandra and Sofia Vergara Sisters? Or is it a Publicity Stunt?

Sofia Vergara’s family drama is on a roll.

The “Modern Family” star, who recently went public about her brother’s drug addiction and deportation back to Colombia, is now having issue with her "sister" Sandra Vergara.

Entertainment site, E! News is reporting that the two actresses are not biological sisters and that the elder Vergara (Sofia) wants to keep her distance.

Sandra Vergara is an up-and-coming actress starring as Ginger in the 1980s do-over of “Fright Night,” and has had roles in “CSI: Miami” and “Nip/Tuck,” along with a feature in the latest issue of Maxim magazine, where she was  described as “Sofia’s little sister” on the cover.

E! says that she and Vergara (Sofia) are cousins and used to be roommates for four years after her arrival to L.A. The A-list actress now wants her distance because she thinks her relative is exploiting their relationship to gain publicity.

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