Miley Cyrus: 'We Can't Stop' song of summer or sign of trouble?

After months of hyping her first studio album in four years -- an album that still won't be released until this fall -- Miley Cyrus dropped the lead single, “We’ Can’t Stop,” on Monday.

Some critics wish she would have.

Stopped, that is.

“This track just leaves me cold. Obviously after taking a break from recording she wanted to return with a single that reflects her departure from her younger self and former image, but I feel she has just gone such an obvious route. The track is looking to be that next defiant summer anthem for the entitled, ‘no one can tell us how to live’ adolescent masses. At the same time as it seeks to address the constant tabloid banter about Miley's life choices. Yawn,” Lyndsey Rodrigues, former MTV VJ told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column. “I would have loved for Miley to make her return foray into music with a more rock/pop based tuned. A more mature and edgy throwback to ‘See You Again’ to pay homage to her start as a solo artist.”

Again reminding us that she's no Disney kid anymore, “We Can’t Stop” – produced by Atlanta hip hop guru Mike Will Made It – celebrates a night of bad behavior and debauchery with lyrics like “it’s our party we can do what we want to,” “red cups and sweaty bodies everywhere,” and “we can kiss who we want.”

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Raising eyebrows even higher are the apparent lyrics “Dancing with Molly” – a reference to the illicit street drug. Some fans have argued that the lyrics are actually “dancing with Miley,” but we can't be sure, as there is no lyric sheet, and a rep for Cyrus did not respond to a comment request.

Online reviews of Miley's new song were mixed at best. “’We Can’t Stop’ sounds strangely like Rihanna,” observed music publication Vibe. "It doesn’t quite hit that sweet spot. But it does something else: It thoroughly completes Miley’s bad-girl-next-door evolution." noted that while the song “could be a grower,” it isn’t your “typical instant single” with its “embarrassing lyrics.”

"'3 years of long wait...for this??' That's probably the most asked question right now among the Miley Cyrus fan community across the world,” the outlet critiqued. “Miley is taking serious risks with this song, and I'm surprised RCA (Miley's new label after departing Hollywood Records), would approve her going to this 'more urban than pop' genre. Miley's 'mature' record 'Can't Be Tamed' underperformed on the charts, and sales, so I was actually expecting RCA and Miley to, at least at first, secure a 'smash' with a full-on pop album for their first 'music work' together.”

And in the court of Twitter opinion, the song drew an overwhelming number of negative of reactions.

“We Can't Stop by Miley Cyrus, is basically a generic mess of crappy lyrics. Awful,” wrote one, another commented that it is“the worst song I've ever heard in my life. The lyrics are obscene and her voice sounds like a smoking hamster,” as another noted: “it’s giving me a headache… terrible song.”

But Yahoo! Music Managing Editor Lyndsey Parker  told us that the backlash is hardly new.

“She gets flak whenever she does anything non-Hannah-Montana-ish, whether it's chopping off her hair, wearing hot pants, smoking salvia, etc. This song mentions ‘Molly’ which was bound to raise an eyebrow or two, but musically, it's not a huge departure from what she has done before,” she said. “To me, it sounds like a grown-up sequel to ‘Party in the USA.’ She's just partying a little harder now.”

Cyrus is all grown up, that's for sure, and made sure to pose provocatively in a super-skimpy tankini for a photo promoting the song, showing off almost every inch of her figure.