Mike Tyson talks religon: 'I need Allah'

In 2003 the former heavy weight champion Mike Tyson sunk to the lowest dredges. He was broke, an addict and national punch line, but he reinvented himself as a comedic actor in "The Hangover" movies and he later became a skilled raconteur with his touring one-man show. In his memoir, "Undisputed Truth," Tyson tells it all - the legendary fights, the rape accusation, prison, the chewed ear, the endless stream of drugs and women. The ex-champ spoke to FOX411 about his incredible life.

FOX411: You're a practicing Muslim.
Tyson: I'm very grateful to be a Muslim. Allah doesn't need me, I need Allah. I could never be humble. There's not a humble bone in my body. If I was humble I would never use the word humble, I strive to be humble, I want to be humble but it's a hard thing. It's a very hard thing. To be humble is to not take yourself seriously. I try to do that. I work on it. People think I'm humble but I'm not.

FOX411: You were a vegan.
Tyson: I was a vegan for four years but not anymore. I eat chicken every now and then. I should be a vegan.

FOX411: So no red meat?
Tyson: None at all, no way! I would be very sick if I ate red meat. That's probably why I was so crazy before.

FOX411: You made up with Evander Holyfield.
Tyson: We just did a Footlocker commercial together. It's pretty awesome. It got so many Tweets, everybody loved it. He's a good guy and I'm glad we can be friends.

FOX411: You ascribe to the 12 Steps Program.
Tyson: Absolutely, that's my life. I live my life by those steps. I go to meetings twice a day, sometimes three times a day. I go for runs. When I travel it's difficult to go to meetings but I do it. I have 97 days sober.

FOX411: You blew through over a $100 million. How are your finances now?
Tyson: Horrible! I don't spend anything. I don't have anything to spend. I don't even know who the hell I am sometimes. It's like I woke up from a dream like, 'How did that happen?' I don't even know myself.

FOX411: It seems like the death of your daughter was the hardest thing you've had to go through.
Tyson: Yeah it was pretty difficult, but I don't have an exclusivity on pain. Lots of people go through pain, so I've got to handle it just like they handle it.

FOX411: How are you doing now?
Tyson: I'm doing pretty good. I'm home, I'm waiting for my kids to come home from school.

FOX411: Your childhood sounds pretty awful.
Tyson: It was a bunch of crime, a bunch of drugs... an unfit family. I didn't have a good family life. My mother and father, they were in the sex industry sort of. I didn't have a normal lifestyle.

FOX411: You really had to learn how to be a father.
Tyson: Yeah exactly. I didn't know how to do it and sometimes I'm not good at it but I'm present and I'm here, not like my father.

FOX411: What was prison like for you?
It's an experience I'll never forget and I don't look it as a bad experience. It's something that happened and I overcame it.

FOX411: What's your life like now?
Tyson: Taking care of the family. I don't go out. Eight o'clock I'm in the house. I was in the house at 10 the other evening because my friend had a surprise party. That was late for me.

FOX411: Do you have any friends left from your old days in Brooklyn?
Tyson: Very few people. It's a different world now. I'm very grateful that I survived. I didn't go looking for boxing, boxing found me, isn't that weird?

FOX411: You say that there is no passion in boxing now.
Tyson: Because you don't have the best fighters fighting each other. The fight's over before it even began. The officials scoring people are horrible. They're robbing people. They're turning people off boxing.

FOX411: What did you love about boxing as a teen?
Tyson: It gave me an opportunity to be someone. I was never somebody. It gave me the opportunity to be something. People talked about me, they said nice things about me when I first started boxing.

FOX411: You got used by so many people over the years.
Tyson: Yeah, bad stuff but it's ok. Life goes on. I'm here now amongst good people.