Mike Rowe won't join Hollywood types encouraging people to vote

Mike Rowe is not a fan of the latest celebrity effort to encourage fans to vote.

The television host told "FOX & Friends" why he doesn't agree that voting is a moral obligation.

"I'f I'm wrong, I'm standing by to be corrected, but as I understand the Constitution -- and I'm certainly not an expert -- but it seems to be a right," Rowe said. "And there's lots of rights in there and the way I figure is most rights come with some measure of responsibility."

He continued, "So all I really said was by all means vote, don't let anybody tell you that you can't vote or that you shouldn't vote. But if you're a public figure and you're going to go out and say, 'Hey, look at the Second Amendment is a fantastic right, everybody should go get a gun,' I think people would be like, 'Wait a minute, really everybody? Are you sure?'"

Rowe added that while he believes the right to vote is "probably the most important of all," it is important to "understand why you exercise the right you exercise."

The "Dirty Jobs" host also weighed in on the presidential election saying it's been "reduced to something that's more analogous to 'American Idol.'"

"The short answer is, long term you should cast a vote in the way that best reflects your core principals, and right now nobody is talking about that."