‘Last Man Standing’ sneak peek: Mike Baxter doesn’t have to be the buffer to Vanessa’s mom in

Vanessa Baxter has a big problem on her hands.

In an exclusive sneak peek of "Last Man Standing," Vanessa arranges for Ed to take Mike's place at their painting class only to realize her plan has worked too well and that Ed has other plans in mind for her mother.

“I got Ed to join us at the painting class. He is my new buffer,” Vanessa tells Mike thinking she’s concocted a fool-proof plan.

Mike answers back and tells Vanessa, “Ed’s always been a real mother buffer.”

But Vanessa’s plans go up in smoke when Ed invites her mother out to dinner – effectively putting the brakes on their plans to go painting together.

“Oh, there you are Vanessa,” her mom says as she walks into the Baxter kitchen. “I just talked to Eddie, and he invited me to dinner tonight.”

Watch the clip above to see Vanessa’s reaction.

"Last Man Standing" airs Fridays at 8 p.m. on FOX.