A Mexican TV host from Televisa claims she was pressured by the network to say that an alleged sexual harassment incident that occurred live on air over the weekend was a hoax.

Even though she is seen visibly uncomfortable with the advances of her co-host, Tania Reza said she was forced to post a video on YouTube claiming that the occurrence was a planned joke and an attempt to have the sequence go viral.

She did as she was told, she claims, and yet was fired a few hours later along with the handsy co-host, Enrique Tovar.

The incident took place Saturday on “A toda maquina,” a variety show produced in Ciudad Juarez.

“Unfortunately in these situations there is pressure on the part of ‘businesses and other obligations to say’ (or even record a video saying) that I am guilty,” Reza wrote on her Facebook page.

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During the show, a mix of entertainment and talk show, the tone turned sour after Tovar was seen touching Reza in various places around her neck.

“Just a little bit, little girl, just stay calm,” Tovar tells her a few minutes later, while apparently trying to lift her dress.

Reza attempts to continue with the show, but Tovar seemingly doesn't get the message and continues to touch her, trying to get closer while she tries to push him away.

“Where are you going?” Tovar is seen asking her, while pulling Reza closer to him. At one point, he hugs her and even seems to quickly hump Reza.

Then, while talking about a gold necklace Reza is wearing, Tovar tries to touch her breast.

“That’s enough, Enrique, quit being an idiot,” she tells him. “It’s one thing talking about my necklace and its another trying to touch my breast.”

A surprised Tovar says he did not do such a thing, but Reza is not having it.

“I can’t work like this,” she said, taking off her microphone and walking off stage.

Tovar then tells the audience: “Sorry, I think my co-host is a little hormonal.”

According to Televisa, they investigated the sexual harassment claim and found that the presenters wanted to make a viral video and should have informed their producer that they were planning on performing “an offensive act.”

“Televisa strongly condemns this act and any type of harassment,” the network said in a statement. “In conjunction with [the ethics code], we inform you that both presenters have been separated from the company.”

The hosts were fired Monday.

It continued: “We urge Tania Reza that if what happened on the show differs from her original statement to human resources, to not have doubts in letting us know so we can support her in the process of filing a formal complaint. At Televisa we take any form of inappropriate behavior very seriously.”

Just before Reza accused Televisa, the network posted a video on YouTube in which the co-hosts explain that it was a joke that went too far.

“To be truthful, we never thought it would go this far,” Reza said in the video, while a laughing Tovar said,” “In real life, we are best friends. The company has nothing to do with this.”

However, Reza later said otherwise.

“I have never cracked,” she wrote on Facebook on Monday. “(Let’s) try to get out the truth. If they force me to remove this at least I left in my social networks.”

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