'Melissa & Joey' Actress Melissa Joan Hart on Melissa, Joey, Clarissa and Sabrina

ABC Family's "Melissa & Joey" is celebrating a milestone that few sitcoms ever reach: its 100th episode.

In honor of this impressive feat, we sat down with star Melissa Joan Hart for a sneak peek of the landmark episode.

"They're trying to have a baby," says Hart of the two main characters, portrayed by herself and co-star Joey Lawrence. "What's really great, I think, what [the writers] did, is they always keep it very funny, very light." In addition, Hart claims the show will address some of the real struggles that couples face when it comes to fertility, albeit in a "very funny" way.

While she was here, Hart also spilled a few behind-the-scenes secrets from the set — and namely, a few funny anecdotes about Lawrence.

For the rest of Hart's interview, including her opinion on how her current character differs from Sabrina and Clarissa, watch our exclusive video above.