Maria Menounos' Lower-Back Tattoo and Dempsey Marks' Relaxing Yoga Routine

Here's what's happening, everybody:

Earlier this week on Instagram, Maria Menounos shared a photo of a temporary "tramp stamp" (her words, not ours) in the shape of fellow E! personality Ross Matthews' face. We're assuming she lost a bet or something, because "Ross Matthews' face" is one of the least popular designs at any tattoo shop. Just ask the owners.

We can't all be as relaxed and carefree as Maria Menounos and Ross Matthews, but whenever we need a break from our hectic work week, we turn to yoga. Watch the video above to try Dempsey Marks' top three yoga poses to induce relaxation and tranquility. It's the next best thing to getting a temporary tattoo at work.

Actress and musician Zoë Kravitz, the 25-year-old daughter of Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet, is reportedly embarking on an Australian tour as the opening act for Miley Cyrus. And now, much like Cyrus, she's making her Instagram feed much harder for her father to look at by uploading skimpy bikini pictures (below).

NBC announced on Tuesday that Christina Aguilera will be returning as a coach/mentor for the eighth season of "The Voice." She will fill the spot that was occupied by Shakira and Gwen Stefani in her absence, because as per the blood oath that governs "The Voice," there can be only one platinum blonde lady allowed on the show at any one time.

In her recent interview with Vanity Fair, Jennifer Lawrence labeled gluten-free diets as “the new cool eating disorder," which is sure to incide the rage of gluten-free eaters everywhere. It's also going to anger people with peanut allergies, as they were under the false impression that theirs was the coolest of all food intolerances.

After two years of marriage, Justin Timberlake finally Instagrammed a photo of himself with wife Jessica Biel (below). Granted, it's not the most revealing look into their private life, but it does confirm their shared love of scenic views, as well as benches on which to admire those scenic views.

One Direction singer Harry Styles threw up on the side of a California freeway over the weekend, and fans have since marked the site with its own homemade signpost. It's an attraction that will rival the Hollywood Walk of Fame for years, for sure.

Comedian Zach Galifianakis, who played goofy man-baby Alan in "The Hangover" trilogy, debuted his new, thinner physique on Sunday. As of now, it's unclear if this substantial weight loss will impair his ability to hold his liquor, and therefore, his ability to withstand another five "Hangover" films.

Country couple Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert recently gifted Kelly Clarkson's 4-month-old daughter with her very own guitar, complete with her name — River Rose — inlaid into the fretboard (photo below). It's a lovely, thoughtful gift, even though River strikes us as more of a banjo gal, really.

On Monday, Chris Brown hypothesized on Twitter that the recent ebola outbreak is "a form of population control," thus making him our newest and most vocal conspiracy theorist since the time you ran into that drifter down by the railroad tracks.

In an interview with the Radio Times, Brad Pitt said that he inherited his first firearm — a shotgun — at age 6. But if that offends any anti-gun advocates, you should know that he didn't fire it until he reached the ripe, responsible age of 8.

A 5-year-old boy proposed to Demi Lovato during one of her concerts over the past weekend. But if you watch the video (below), you'll see that she basically goads him into doing it, so there's no way this marriage will last. They'll be divorced within a year. Two, tops.

Kesha — also known as Ke$ha to those who pronounce dollar signs like letters — has accused her producer Dr. Luke of sexually abusing her throughout their 10-year partnership. And unlike Amanda Bynes, who accused her father of something similar last week, Kesha has never gone on record as saying she's got a microchip in her brain that makes her say crazy things.

On Tuesday, Bruce Willis and Demi Moore's daughter Tallulah Instagrammed a photo of herself in a bikini, eating a large plate of french fries and smoking a cigarette (below). Because hey, if you're going to lose that bikini body, you might as well do it in the most delicious, relaxing way possible.

And finally, on a recent episode of "Live With Kelly and Michael," actor Michael Keaton recalled his early days at PBS and confirmed what we all hoped to be true: "[Mister Rogers] was one of the nicest, authentically good people you've ever met." Doesn't that just warm the cockles of your heart?