Magician David Copperfield took to Twitter on Wednesday just hours before a report surfaced that alleged he drugged and sexually assaulted a former teenage model 30 years ago.

Copperfield urged fans not to “rush to judgment” over the allegations, while simultaneously underscoring the importance of the #MeToo movement.

“Always listen, and consider everything carefully, but please for everyone’s sake don’t rush to judgment,” Copperfield tweeted.

Former aspiring model Brittany Lewis told the Wrap that Copperfield sexually assaulted her during a trip to California in 1988, when she was 17.

In his statement on Twitter on Wednesday, Copperfield cited the importance of the #MeToo movement, but noted what it felt like to be “falsely accused publicly in the past,” and “have your life and family’s life turned upside down.”

Copperfield was falsely accused of sexual assault in 2007 by former beauty queen Lacey Carroll, according to the report. But the case ended up being dismissed and Carroll dropped her lawsuit.

She was later charged with prostitution and falsely accusing another man of sexual assault, the site reported.

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