Tiger Woods' alleged call-girl Loredana Jolie says the disgraced golfer is such a freak in bed, his stint in a rehab for sex addiction probably won't cure him.

"He would engage in sex from 9 p.m. until the sun came up the next morning. But he wasn't a healthy guy. He couldn't sleep and would stay up all night. I am not really sure rehab for sex addiction will help him," Jolie told Page Six yesterday.

Jolie -- who initially claimed to The Post she never slept with Tiger, then declared she wanted $1 million for her story about their alleged sex -- is now shopping a tell-all book to publishers.

SLIDESHOW: More pics of Loredana and the other women linked to Tiger Woods.

The Sicilian-born stunner, who also goes by Loredana Ferriolo, promises to name other clients she serviced while working as an escort for famed madam Michelle Braun. Loredana's rep, Teisha Dynell, told us, "There are many other celebrity clients, actors and businessmen from New York, California and around the world."

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But it is doubtful she "escorted" anyone more famous than Tiger, who supposedly hired her for a series of sessions for two years until 2008.

"Tiger's sexual fantasies were not normal," the wannabe author says. "He likes role-playing, he likes to be the guy in control and wearing a suit while there are girls performing girl-on-girl and guys entertaining guys. By that, I mean they would dance for each other like girls would do for a man," the would-be author claimed.

"He'd have different girls all the time, entertaining, role play, fetishes, stuff like that . . . But he would only watch . . . He would also ask me to text him pictures of myself when we weren't together."

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