Lindsay Lohan confuses 'You're beautiful' with 'You're a donkey' in Arabic

Thank goodness it wasn’t a tattoo.

Lindsay Lohan suffered an embarrassing Instagram mistake due to a mistranslation.

The “Mean Girls” star shared a shot on Monday of a phrase in Arabic against a patterned background with an English translation below reading, “You’re beautiful.” She  then tweeted a link to the Instagram page with word “Habibi,” an Arabic term of endearment.

But according to TMZ the text did not mean “You’re beautiful” at all. Instead Lohan seems to have posted the Arabic word for donkey.

The 28-year-old actress deleted the post but not before TMZ captured a screengrab of it. Social Media users had a field day mocking her error.

"Next time @lindsaylohan, let me check b4 u post :-)" one Twitter user wrote. "Arabic words don't mean 'U are beautiful' but 'u are a donkey.'"