Late 'Golden Girls' Star Rue McClanahan's Estate to Auction Her Personal Belongings Off to Fans

Rue McClanahan,  who famously played “Golden Girls” character Blanche Devereaux died last June after suffering a brain hemorrhage at the age of 76. And now, some of her personal belongings are going up for auction for fans of the beloved sitcom star.

Before her passing, the Emmy Award winning actress and devoted animal rights supporter made it clear she wanted her fans to have access to her personal property after she was gone, and now her only son, Mark Bish, is now launching a series of auctions across the United States, beginning December 17, to honor his mother’s wishes.

The first auction will consist of the contents of the living room of Rue’s East 56th Street New York City apartment from her furniture to her artwork to show biz memorabilia including several “Golden Girls” outfits, costume jewelry, personal letters, the purse she carried to the Emmys in 1986 and a couple of her famed “Golden Girls” scripts, one signed by the other stars of the show and one containing her personal notes and art she called “doodles.”

“She was so artistic. She would doodle, and I mean really artistic work… and detailed. And I kept telling her: you’ve got to do something with those. That is more than doodling, that is artwork,” Rue’s close friend and “Golden Girls” co-star Betty White told producer pal Michael J La Rue, who is handling the estate, in a never-before-seen video obtained by FOX411’s Pop Tarts column.

Although not available in this particular auction, Rue was savvy enough to save the “doodles” made by a very young George Clooney who guest-starred as a cop in an early episode. When McClanahan passed the script around during a table read, Clooney took the liberty to draw a self-portrait.

“Isn’t that something? He didn’t flatter himself,” White continued.

But speaking of Hollywood heartthrobs, it turns out the last film McClanahan ever saw was White’s movie “The Proposal,” and according to Michael J La Rue, kept talking about how Ryan Reynolds was the “hottest guy” the night before her heart surgery.

“She thought any guy was the hottest guy, let’s face it,” White added. “She liked men; she was Blanche Devereaux.”

Bidding on auction items can be done in-person at Hutter Auction Galleries, on the phone, or online through,