La Mala Rodriguez and Vico C Bring Old School & New School Latin Hip-Hop to NYC

It seemed like time stopped as she entered the lounge. All eyes were on her as the strobe-lights created a perfect silhouette of her body and her silky smooth hair.

La Mala Rodriguez, popular rap star, arrived at “The Spot by Heineken” in high spirits. With her was fellow rap veteran Vico C, who shared the stage with the Spanish rap star.

“I am ready and so anxious for that moment that we are going to have up on stage,” said Vico C, whose real name is Luis Armando Lozada Cruz, as he narrated the journey they had recording the song.

“I’ve always wanted to sing this song with La Mala because we recorded it separately,” Cruz told Fox News Latino. “She was over there in Spain and I was in Miami.”

Energized and dancing to the background music, Rodríguez said she “was proud to share the stage with Vico C.”

“We prepared an incredible performance,” said Rodríguez. “We’ve been preparing it for a while. I’m really excited to get up on stage!”

The Latin Grammy winners, who have several of their tracks featured in Blockbuster movies, dished on their future goals in Hollywood and their love of Denzel Washington.

“I love film,” Rodríguez said. “I have many friends in the film industry in Spain and here in the United States.”

“I have a few projects in the works and I hope that they will see the light soon,” she added.

“There is an entire generation doing marvelous things both in front and behind the lens.”

Cruz, who kicked off his acting career in Harrison Ford’s 1994 drama “Clear and Present Danger,” agreed with Rodríguez.

“With Harrison Ford I came out in a far shot, from behind and for about one second,” said Cruz as he and Rodríguez looked at each other breaking into laughter.

“I was also in “Feel the Noise” which was produced by JLo and I got the chance to act.”

The Puerto Rican rap star says that it was one of his songs being in a film that saved him from financial ruin after spending six months in jail for possession of heroin charges.

“Thank heaven for Denzel Washington,” he said smiling. “He played the lead role in that particular film.”

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