Korie Robertson shocked Willie allowed Sadie to join 'DWTS'

Korie Robertson was shocked when she found out her husband Willie gave their daughter his permission to compete on "Dancing With The Stars."

"When Sadie first asked me if she could do 'Dancing With The Stars' I was a little bit unsure because, you know, it's a little scary putting your daughter out there and so I actually thought Willie would say no so I told Sadie to ask her daddy," Korie told Us Weekly. When Willie said yes, Korie's "jaw dropped."

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Blessing granted, Sadie went on to compete on the reality show and has so far made her mom and dad proud.

"I definitely got overwhelmed there," Willie told Us of watching his daughter dance for the first time. "There was a tear or two."

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    It's not just her parents that the 17-year-old has impressed; Sadie's received consistent praise from the "DWTS" judges.

    The competition is down to four contestants, and Sadie is still in the running.