Kim Cattrall's house smashed into by teenage driver

Kim Cattrall’s Vancouver Island home has been destroyed by a joy-riding teenager.

“A senseless 16 yr old driver plowed into my home Joy Riding @ 1 am. People could have been killed,” the “Sex and the City” actress, 59, tweeted on Wednesday with images showing the destruction. “U should b ashamed.”

The photos show a smashed-up white Suzuki SUV, with deployed airbags, and Cattrall’s front door and entryway demolished by the car.

“@MADDOnline @1 am Tuesday a 16 yr old driver smashed into my home. How can we prevent these violating assaults?” she tweeted.

The star added that no one was hurt and that’s “most important.”

Cattrall continued to share details and vent her frustrations over the accident. “A 16 year old girl could have been responsible for 4 peoples death. She’s home free to drive around today!”

“This young girl could have killed herself, her friends, and me,” she added. “Frightening…”

A request for comment from Cattrall’s rep wasn’t immediately returned.