Kendall Jenner's Seductive Santa Snapshot and Strip House's Charbroiled Filet Mignon

Get up to speed with all the latest gossip:

LOVE magazine shared an entire video of Kendall Jenner in lingerie as part of their sexy Advent calendar (below), and this time, she appears to be stripping for, seducing, and getting spanked by Santa Claus. It truly fills your heart with the Christmas spirit, doesn't it?

NYC's famed Strip House serves up one helluva filet mignon — and now you can too. In the video above, executive chef Michael Vignola gives us his secret for preparing this mouthwatering hunk of meat, along with a few tips for emulating his technique at home.

This past Saturday, Jessica Simpson shared her love of carpets on Instagram (no, really — the below photo's caption read "I love carpet"). We're not sure what it's supposed to mean, but we are expecting a follow-up snapshot detailing her true feelings for linoleum flooring.

On Sunday, Prince William and Kate Middleton arrived for their royal visit to New York, where they will reportedly spread good will at charity functions and children's centers. But if they truly want to experience New York, they mustn't miss Times Square, or the Halal Guys food cart, or the smell of bathrooms at the Port Authority Bus Terminal.

Lifetime TV has released a trailer for their upcoming Whitney Houston biopic, and surprisingly, it looks markedly better than the junky made-for-TV movies they've tried to force-feed us in the past. Then again, almost anything is better than their "Unauthorized 'Saved By the Bell' Story." (For example, a punch in the jaw. That would've been slightly better.)

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green were sideswiped by a drunken driver on Thursday of last week, but thankfully, neither Fox nor Green suffered any injuries. Then again, Fox has previously fought Transformers and Green has worked with Shannon Dougherty, so both of them are naturally resilient people.

Perhaps because they didn't get enough attention for their recent Miami hijinks (e.g., performing a concert  wearing  etc.), Miley Cyrus and Paris Hilton made out with each other at a Miami club last week. Miley's boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger was reportely there too, but in all likelihood, even he wasn't paying attention to their latest display of exhibitionism.

Justin Bieber dyed his hair platinum blond sometime over the weekend (below), and it's a good thing he did. That's just one more identifying characteristic for any witnesses to give to their local law enforcement officers after he throws eggs at, pees in, or attempts to unlawfully confiscate their property.

An auction house in New York City is planning to sell off a photobooth portrait of Norma Jeane Baker (the future Marilyn Monroe), taken sometime around 1940. And despite what people keep saying, it is not technically a "selfie" because she didn't take the picture herself. It's more of a "boothy," if anything.

According to Taylor Swift's Twitter account, she took the stage at Friday's KIIS FM Jingle Ball in Los Angeles with a case of laryngitis, although you can barely tell from the concert footage below. So either she's a super talented singer who can mask any voice ailment, or she's simply just a liar. We'll never know which for sure.

And finally, Tori Spelling told Us Weekly that since she's always so busy with her four kids, she hasn't "peed alone in the last eight years." So the next time you're enjoying a leisurely bathroom break (perhaps with the day's sudoku puzzle on your lap), take a moment to thank the Gods for the gift of potty privacy.