Kelly Osbourne talks family's rough year: 'We all make mistakes'

Kelly Osbourne and her family had a rocky year after Ozzy Osbourne’s infidelity temporarily tore her parents apart but the 32-year-old tells FOX411 the Osbournes are sticking together.

“We love each other more than anything. We all make mistakes and we all know that. I mean, I am the queen of making mistakes,” she said. “We may be dysfunctional, we may be different but what we have which sadly most people don’t is true love.”

This year, news broke that Ozzy Osbourne had been cheating on wife Sharon Osbourne and he entered therapy for a sex addiction. The longtime couple called it quits but later reunited.

“Everybody has good times and bad times and what we are as a family no one and nothing can ever tear us apart because what we have is love and we will stand by each other till the day we die,” Kelly Osbourne said with a smile.

The famous fashionista is known for being outspoken on social media. This year, she memorably tweeted the phone number of her father’s alleged mistress, but she told us she has no regrets about anything she’s ever posted.

“… If it’s something I do feel like I regret, I’ve definitely learned something from it,” she said. “And in order to learn you have to make a mistake or two.”

The Osbourne family will come together to celebrate Christmas. Osbourne, who is a spokesperson for the travel app HotelTonight that recently released a holiday pet peeve survey, said she expects some arguments will break out.

“We are very similar to most houses in the sense everybody goes into wanting a wonderful happy Christmas like something from a movie but knows it is going to end in an argument or fight because you're in a confined space again… and you end up getting into arguments over the dumbest s--t.”

She also joked that the holidays are when her dad asks too many questions.

“… There are the probing questions… ‘When are you going to give us a baby ?’ I say ‘Through immaculate conception considering I’m not dating anyone right now.’ I’ll come down out of the shower, dressed but no makeup on or anything, “What’s that on your face?”…’That would be called a zit, father. Thank you for pointing it out it says hello right back at you.’”

Osbourne has been busy lately with her newest endeavor: “Project Runway: Junior.” Season two of the show premieres next week and Osbourne can’t contain her excitement.

“I can’t wait for the world to be introduced to these incredible young designers,” she gushed. “It just blows my mind every single week with what they’ve created with the exact same rules and time constrain that they have for ‘Project Runway.’”