Keira Knightly says if the world was ending, she'd gorge herself on chocolate cake

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Keira Knightley and Steve Carell’s latest dark comedy “Seeking a Friend For the End of the World” prompts audiences to think about how they would spend their last days as a 70-mile asteroid approaches the earth.

For Knightley, that would entail fattening up her uber-petite physique.

“We would eat a lot… Cake! Lots of cake,” the actress said. “We would sit and eat chocolate cake… eat until the world exploded.”

The film, which opens in theaters this weekend, centers on Carell and Knightley’s characters finding unlikely companionship just before life as we know it is destroyed. And while such a premise sounds pretty dismal, Knightley assured us it isn’t all tears and tantrums.

“Given that it is about the end of the world, which is obviously a dark and depressing subject matter, it is incredibly positive and that is what amazed me when I first read the script – how life affirming it is, and it’s really about what is important in life,” she continued.

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    And who knows, Knightley’s fiancé James Righton may soon make the leap from music to movies as the screen sensation revealed she was inspired by the way Carell and his wife Nancy, who is also featured in the film, were able to work so well together.

    “I’ve never worked with a significant other, but I should imagine it would be lovely,” Knightley added, after Carell raved about the experience. “When you get together I don’t see why you shouldn’t get on when you are working together.”