Kanye West posts tribute to Parkland student Emma Gonzalez who instead thanks Waffle House hero

Following his lengthy Twitter rant about Donald Trump, Kanye West got a bit of shade while trying to pivot and honor one of the key figures behind the recent #MarchForOurLives movement, Emma Gonzalez.

Kanye expressed his support for Donald Trump in a series of tweets last week, but over the weekend he took a different tone by posting a photo of Parkland shooting survivor. West posted a photo of Gonzalez with the caption “my hero  Emma Gonzalez.” Soon after, he posted another photo of himself with a shaved head saying that he was “inspired by Emma.” Just a half hour later, Gonzalez responded in the same format, but didn’t acknowledge West’s shoutout.

Instead, the teenage activist posted a photo of James Shaw Jr., the 29-year-old man who has been heralded as a hero for tackling and disarming a gunman who opened fire at a Waffle House near Nashville. As previously reported, witnesses say that Shaw is responsible for saving lives in the tragedy that claimed the lives of 4 people.

Gonzalez, who rose to prominence along with other Parkland students to become vocal voices in the anti-gun movement, highlighted Shaw rather than directly respond to the rapper.

At the moment, Kanye’s politics are in the conversation after a brief Twitter exchange with Trump in which he showed his support for the president, prompting a positive reaction from Trump himself. Gonzalez, who has been a vocal advocate of gun control against the current White House administration, didn’t comment further on the situation. She has, however, continued to post about Shaw.