Judy Reyes Talks Gun Hill Road & Zoe Saldaña

Growing up “perpendicular to Gun Hill Road” in the Bronx was just one of the reasons that made Dominican Actress Judy Reyes think she was perfect for her latest role in Rashaad Ernesto Green's hard-hitting indie.

Reyes, who plays Esai Morales’ wife Angela in “Gun Hill Road,” says:

“I had just had my baby, and I connected immediately with the relationship between Angela and Michael,” Judy Reyes told Fox News Latino. “It was just meant for me to do it [and] all these elements…fell into place.”

For the actress who also shares the big screen with Eva Longoria in the big budget movie “Without Men,” filming “Gun Hill Road” was quite the experience.

“It was ultra low budget, [and] I knew that it had to shoot in like 19-20 days,” Reyes said.

“You are shooting in the Bronx. Not in a studio. In an actual set, with the traffic, in a kitchen, in a heat wave, with time running out, with a tiny crew, that’s an extraordinary amount of elements.”

Nonetheless, Reyes details how the story behind the film moved her.

“I read it immediately and I thought it was the most incredible thing,” Reyes said as she recalled.

“The characters’ arcs were amazing, extremely moving. I thought it was perfect.”

Adding that Latinos “tend to be in denial about that reality” when it comes to Transgender issues, Reyes emphasizes that she wants “Gun Hill Road” to “start conversation.”

“Latinos, because of our socioeconomic status, want escapist reality. We go to the movies for the romantic comedies --especially us ladies. We want the 'Sex in the City.' We want those action adventures and stuff like that,” says Reyes.

“When you go into “Gun Hill Road” you are like: ‘this stuff is deep! I don’t want this,’ and we don’t expect to see a hardcore film about transgender and dads coming out of prison.”

Reyes, now looks forward to continue collaborating with other Latinos in Hollywood, such as fellow Dominican actress Zoe Saldaña.

“I just finished shooting a film directed by Zoe Saldaña for a film, a Glamour magazine project, said Reyes. “It’s about autistic kids.”

With a huge smile on her face, the star called Saldaña “fantastic” adding that she is “super-professional and super-talented.”

“She’s awesome,” said Reyes. “She really knows what she is doing and just great energy and knows her stuff.”

“Yesterday I finished shooting a law and order SVU, with their new cast member Danny Pino. That was great,” she added excitedly.

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