Juanes’ Former Manager Calls Singer ‘Ungrateful’ And ‘Despicable’ In TV Interview

Fernán Martinez, the former manager of Colombian singer Juanes, did not hold back when he called the singer “ungrateful” and a fraud.

Martinez – a Colombian businessman who worked as Juanes’ manager for 11 years – affirmed that his relationship with the singer was undoubtedly fractured and does not see any way of reconciliation. He was speaking during the RCN television program “El Lavadero” in Colombia.

“It’s curious that [this happened] after building a career together for 11 years, after winning so many awards, a lot of publicity, a lot of fame and a lot of money,” Martinez said. “I don’t know what happened. He is searching for other levels and I think he is reaching them. He wants to be another type of artist.”

The former manager called Juanes an ungrateful and despicable man, whom he would not want to see ever again.

“Impossible. When the mirror breaks there is not a remote possibility that one can fall again into such a trap,” Martinez continued. “To speak with Juanes you need a witch, a lawyer, a toxicologist, a judge, the police.”

He added: “(Juanes) is on another level, in other places and I do not get into that. It is the apotheosis of ingratitude. He is a totally ungrateful, a despicable fraud… There are people who are not what they seem. Some are a total farce in all sense of the word, in everything, artistically, with family, everything is a farce.”

Juanes and Martinez worked together during the time when the Colombian singer went out as a solo artist and reached international fame.

In 2011, Juanes suddenly announced on Twitter that he was retiring and took a break from the business. It was around the same time that he cut ties with Martinez.

“It’s true that my professional relationship with Fernán has ended, it’s false that I will dedicate myself to politics, that was a joke,” he also tweeted in Spanish.

Several months later, Juanes reappeared next to merengue singer Juan Luis Guerra, talking about a new album. He said the Dominican artist had saved him.

This is not the first time Martinez ends a professional relationship in bad terms with an artist he is representing. His relationship with singer Enrique Iglesias – whom he launched internationally – ended without any explanation in the middle of the singer’s rise to fame.

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