Hours after a nationwide prayer vigilJoey + Rory singer Joey Feek was admitted into an Indiana hospital. Her husband says home hospice is next.

Feek ended colorectal cancer treatments in late October, choosing to return home instead of continuing chemotherapy. Rory Feek has been providing updates through his This Life I Live blog, and on Monday morning he revealed hospice was beginning.

“Not the answer we hoped for,” Rory writes, “but the answer He has given us.” A paragraph earlier he described the 4AM trip to the hospital to relieve pain caused by inflammation of cancer tumors. He goes on to talk about how their daughter Indiana brought Joey joy.

“Both of their eyes light up the moment they see each other,” he writes adding that Joey spent time recording her voice into recordable books for the 1-year-old.

"Hospice is arranged and a hospital bed will be delivered later this morning. We’ll have a play area on the carpet nearby – close enough for her to watch Indy play, and for Indy to turn and make sure her mama can see her."

Last Thursday, fans, friends family and fellow country stars joined in for a prayer vigil. “Pray for a miracle, and even more so for peace with His decision,” is what Rory urged fans to say. “God answered,” he writes in Monday’s post.

"Joey is at peace with where she is and where she’s going. So am I."

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