Jessica Simpson Offers Women Relationship Advice: Don't Change for Anyone!

It's no secret that Jessica Simpson has had more than her fair share of failed romances, including a divorce from Nick Lachey in 2006 and very public break-ups from Tony Romo and John Mayer. But the VH1's "Price of Beauty" star still believes her Mr. Right is out there – and even has some tips for other ladies who too are lost in the love world.

“It’s important for women not to find their confidence in a man. I think you really have to know who you are before you can truly fall in love and give your all, and I don’t think a man can define you. You have to own that,” Simpson told Pop Tarts in an exclusive interview. “So if you’re ever with anyone who says you should change something about yourself then they should never fall in love with you in the first place.”

And while the 29-year-old has managed to conquer the pop world and stay in the spotlight for over 12 years, she is still faced with one of her biggest challenges.

“By ten years I would love to be a mom, I would love just to be in love and be a mom,” Simpson said. “It sounds simple but it’s a lot harder [ than you think.] I’m pretty picky.”

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And after hitting the headlines last year for having added a few pounds to her petite frame, Simpson traveled the world to film the reality series “The Price of Beauty” to explore how beauty is defined by a multitude of different cultures and heal herself from the hurt of being subjected to such tabloid fodder.

“I personally needed it for myself after going through all the scrutiny I went through for gaining a couple of pounds. It was really hard on me and I felt I needed to find some light in the very dark place I was in,” Simpson said. “I realized that people’s judgments about me and about my weight are really just none of my business, it’s not something I should be listening to or taking to heart.  People can say whatever they want to say and I cannot take it personally. I know it’s the business I am in and I put myself in a position to be criticized, but I’ve found something that will help me deal.”

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Simpson says one of the most shocking experiences she endured while filming was visiting a fattening hut in Uganda and seeing women strive to be called “fat cows.”

“The fatter you are the more beautiful. Brides-to-be go into these huts and gain up to 90 pounds. They just drink loads and loads of milk. They gain weight solely off of milk,” she said.

“These women want you to compare them to cows – they literally want to be called a fat cow.  I’ve never heard of that in my life, and being able to live that with these women and to see them go through their routines was definitely shocking.”

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And speaking of beauty and body parts, what feature does Simpson treasure most about herself?

“I like my nose, that’s my favorite body part,” she said. “I do have a bump, but I like my profile - I don’t think anyone else has my exact same nose, I think it’s unique and a little flawed.”