Jennifer Aniston is a stripper in new movie role, who is your favorite good girl gone bad?

Jennifer Aniston is widely considered ‘America’s Sweetheart’, but now she steps outside her wholesome shell to play a stripper in her upcoming film “We’re The Millers”. 

Although the 44-year-old actress does not get naked in the film, she comes quite close. She tells late night host Chelsea Lately that she even wore three bras on top of one another in an attempt to cover herself up. Aniston may still be a good girl at heart, but her decision to play a stripper is definitely a bold move. 

Many female stars have made similar moves in order to prove to the world that they can be more daring and wild. A lot of these women get tired of being portrayed as wholesome. 

Can we blame them? Being pinned to one type character can also damage a young actress' career. Many young starlets take on provocative roles as a means of proving they have what it takes to be versatile. 

SODAHEAD SLIDESHOW: Take a look at the good girls gone bad. Who is your favorite?  

Younger stars like Dakota Fanning and Selena Gomez have recently shed themselves of the clean-cut image forced upon them as kids. Fanning did it with her role in “The Runaways” where she played the rebellious rock star, Cherie Currie. 

Gomez was a bikini-clad party girl in the controversial film “Spring Breakers”. 

Other good girls gone bad include Jessica Biel, Natalie Portman, and Anne Hathaway. Who is your favorite? 

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Which wholesome leading lady stole your heart as a bad girl?