Harvey Weinstein gruesome courtroom sketches revealed

Gleeful and vengeful courtroom drama fans took to Twitter today to mock the unflattering sketches emerging from movie mogul Harvey Weinsten’s arraignment.

The New York Police Department does not release mug shots of anyone arrested in New York City, so the anti-Weinstein mob had to content itself with the courtroom sketches. Despite the serious nature of the charges, online wags and media had a field day commenting on the artist renderings from the courtroom drama.

Courtroom artist Jane Rosenberg has drawn Twitter criticism before. She drew a picture of New England quarterback Tom Brady in a 2015 courtroom case that also drew attacks, with some claiming the handsome Brady
looked like a character from TV’s "The Walking Dead" in her renderings. Rosenberg later apologized.

Today’ courtroom comments on Harvey Weinstein’s pictures:

This article originally appeared in Deadline