If there’s one word Gwen Stefani loves these days it’s “miracle.” The 46-year-old singer appeared on Wednesday’s episode of Netflix’s "Chelsea" with Chelsea Handler where she used the word so many times that the host called her on it. But the singer has every right to feel that her career is miraculous these days.

“When you have new music it’s such a miracle and to be able to go live with it… the songs become a whole other version of themselves,” Stefani said of her new album "This Is What the Truth Feels Like" and subsequent tour.

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The mother of three marveled at how her life has changed, saying, “I never thought I would have new music. I never thought any of this stuff would happen. It’s the craziest year of my life.”

The former No Doubt frontwoman revealed that she started writing her album in June 2015.

“I wrote the bulk of it in eight weeks,” she said, crediting God for her unexplained inspiration.

Though she never mentioned boyfriend Blake Shelton’s name, Stefani did reference their hit duet “Go Ahead and Break My Heart.”

“What happened was, the story is, that he had written the song and sent it to me on my phone. I was scared to listen to it,” she said. “I was like ,‘What if I don’t like it?’ And I listened to it and I’m like, ‘Oh my God, I love this.’ He said, ‘Write the rest of it.’ It was a time when I was really insecure about writing.”

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Fortunately, Stefani put those fears aside to write a verse of her own, calling the process “very natural.”

Stefani got even more candid about her collaboration with Shelton with ET last weekend at Wango Tango.

"Anytime I've ever collaborated with anyone, it's always my favorite," she told ET. "But to do something with him -- because he's so talented and comes from such a different world -- to make music together, it was just so shocking! So amazing to do it live and share it with everybody."