Gloria Estefan Confirms Glee Gig; Pitbull Offered Role on Show

Gloria Estefan has a gleeful look these days.

The Cuban star confirmed on Twitter reports that she would would make a guest appearance on the hit musical TV show Glee. She will play Rivera Santana’s mother. Weeks ago, Ricky Martin also said he would be on the show, playing the role of the new hot Spanish teacher.

“Just gave birth to a bouncing baby teenage girl, Santana Lopez, from Glee! Lol!” Estefan posted on her Twitter account on Thursday. “I hear I may also be having a!”

“Santana is having a tough time with what's going on, her abuela, etc,” she added in regards to her character on the show. “I know only what we fans who watch Glee know.”

Just gave birth to a bouncing baby teenage girl, Santana Lopez, from Glee! Lol! I hear I may also be having a!

— Gloria Estefan posted on Twitter

Entertainment Weekly published the spoiler last week on the possibility of  Estefan’s involvement with the show and now they are reporting that Cuban rapper Pitbull is being offered to play her son.

There was buzz that Martin and Estefan were to appear in the same episode but EW says that producers from the show have altered that arrangement so that “there could be a giant family musical number in the Estefan episode.”

The publication also said that fans can expect Martin’s episode to run sometime in January, while the episode with Estefan and, possibly Pitbull,will be airing later this winter.

Sources tell EW that the cast are huge fans of Estefan and that “the plan is for the episode to feature some of Estefan’s own music as well as some other bilingual tunes.”

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