Gigi Hadid's Skin-Baring Selfie and Del Frisco's Signature Pomegranate Margarita

Here's what's going on, everybody:

On Monday, Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Gigi Hadid, 19, shared an Instagram selfie in nothing but a bra, some jeans, and a pair of Calvin Klein briefs. So in case you were wondering, Hadid girds her loins in only the most supportive of undergarments!

Everybody loves a good margarita, but all too often they're loaded with unneccessary syrups or sugars. Next time you're making one at home, try sweetening it up with pomegranate juice like the bartenders at Del Frisco's in NYC. Watch the video above to see how it's done.

Blake Lively wore a skin-tight greenish Gucci gown to the Gabrielle's Angel Ball in New York City on Monday, and proved beyond a doubt that it's possible to remain extremely fashionable throughout a pregnancy. In fact, we wouldn't be surprised if that kid marches out of her uterus in a pair of Jimmy Choos.

RadarOnline claims to have obtained a secret email sent from Kim Kardashian's representatives in which they demand between $750K and $1 million before Kim agrees to endorse a certain product. They also specify that Kendall will do it for less, because apparently Kardashians per the size of their jeans.

Famed fashion designer Oscar de la Renta, whose fashions were favorites of Hollywood actors and royalty alike, passed away on Monday night in Connecticut. He was 82.

Taylor Swift has officially released "Welcome to New York," the third single from her upcoming album. But, as we've noted before, it's a little too long for the New York Board of Tourism's annual Jingle Contest. She'll need to whittle this tune down to a lean 30 seconds if she truly wants to be considered, which she obviously does.

David Letterman's cue-card holder, Tony Mendez, has been fired after assaulting one of the show's writers before last Thursday's taping. "This has been coming for a long time," he told the New York Post, probably while brandishing the pointier end of a large, threatening cue card.

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn dyed part of their hair pink (below) and posed together for Kate's Instagram account, in case you want to see it. We, however, can't wait until they dye their hair "parchment yellow" for November's National Academic Book Writing Month.

Kate Middleton made her first public appearance since announcing her second pregancy, dragging herself out of bed to meet with the president of Singapore early on Tuesday morning. And for someone with acute morning sickness, she looks pretty good! Not Blake Lively good, but good nonetheless.

Nicki Minaj posed for a photoshoot for the November issue of GQ magazine with a couple of large puppies (below). There were also two poodles in the shot.

London's Evening Standard has named Amal Clooney the most powerful woman in London. But when she's off on vacation at Clooney's Italian villa, her runner-up — British politician Theresa May — becomes the most powerful woman in London, and will be temporarily tasked with keeping Voldemort at bay.

And finally, Yahoo! has determined the most-searched Halloween costume ideas for 2014, and topping the list are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, pirates, and characters from Star Wars. That's good news, because it means nobody will be dressing as Crazy Teabag Mouth, which is who we're planning to go as.