Former 'Dirty Jobs' host Mike Rowe spars over religion, Republicans

Former "Dirty Jobs" host Mike Rowe took time out of his flight to respond to a commenter on his Facebook page.

Rowe posted a photo of himself "somewhere over Colorado" while enjoying what appeared to be a cocktail while dishing out advice to a critic who Rowe said was just trying to sell his book.

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"Why on Earth would ANYONE vote Republican?" Facebook user Jim Green asked Rowe. "IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO BE A CHRISTIAN, AND VOTE REPUBLICAN," he continued while challenging Rowe to explain why he votes for Republicans.

"If you really want to persuade thoughtful people that Christians can’t vote for Republicans and remain Christian, you’ll need to appear credible - not hysterical," Rowe wrote in response to Green. "Lower case should work just fine."

Rowe didn't stop there.

"Regarding your overall claim, I’m not an authority on Republicans or Christians, but last I checked, America is still populated by plenty of both,” he continued. “Unless you wish to alienate a majority of the country, you might consider something a tad more conciliatory. Something like - ‘There is no ‘R’ in Jesus - But There’s G-O-P in Gospel!’"