Former 'Bachelor' contestant Olivia Caridi: 'Producers do not force people to make decisions'

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Olivia Caridi, who starred in Ben Higgin’s season of “The Bachelor”, told Fox News that producers "absolutely" do not force alcohol on the contestants, but they do encourage certain behavior on the show.

“Producers do not force people to make decisions. I always say producers encourage things but you can say no to those things,” she explained. “They are not mad if you say no... They are trying to make a TV show. We all understand that sometimes there’s going to be things that they suggest that might start drama, but we are grown adults that can say no to those things.”

Soon after “Paradise” began filming its fourth season in Mexico this month, a producer complained that camera operators filmed contestants DeMario Jackson and Corinne Olympios engaging in sexual activity in a swimming pool — reportedly while Olympios was too drunk to consent.

Some have questioned why producers did not step in during the encounter.

Caridi, who is currently the host of Anchor's podcast "Bachelor Nation," said during her time on the show she never faced a situation that needed to be stopped.

“I’ve never witnessed a situation on ‘The Bachelor’ that even warranted being cut off,” she said. “I believe that we are all friends on this show and if anyone on the show actually felt uncomfortable about what was going on they would’ve stopped it."

Caridi cited reports claiming Jackson wants ABC to release footage of the incident in question.

“In this situation we all have to be like DeMario and say 'Roll the tapes.' That’s the only way we are going to know. But from what I’ve heard no one felt it was a situation that needed to be stopped, that’s all I know.”