FNM Exclusive: Kellie Pickler on the Hilarious Way She Deals With Her Husband's Horrible Snoring

We can't exactly recommend Kellie Pickler's preferred methods for dealing with her husband's snoring, but we can't say we didn't enjoy hearing about them, either.

During a visit to FNM's studios to discuss their CMT series "I Love Kellie Pickler," Kellie and husband her Kyle Jacobs touched on Kyle's (horrendous) snoring problem, as well as the innovative, hilarious ways Kellie deals with the issue.

"Really? We're talking about this?" asked Kyle, who wasn't thrilled by our question.

"That's not anything to be embarrassed about," said Kellie. "Lots of people snore!"

But whether it's embarrassing or not, Kellie clearly wants to put an end to Kyle's buzz-sawing, which actually got so bad that they devoted an entire episode to it.

"It was funny though," added Kellie. "I'll … plug his nose whenever [it happens], and he'll [makes coughing/choking noise]."

"Yeah, I'll wake up thinking that I'm dying," Kyle deadpanned, adding that Kellie has also "stuffed things up my nose" in an effort to stop the snoring.

Watch the rest of Kellie and Kyle's funny interview for more on Kyle's obnoxious (albeit unintentional) problem, then check out a few of Kellie's more outlandish solutions in the clip below.