FNM Exclusive: GUESS Girl Megan Williams Was First Discovered While Eating WHERE?!

We usually only see someone as gorgeous as Megan Williams in magazines, fashion shows or ad campaigns, so we certainly don't expect them to be sitting across the dining area of our local fast food joint.

Yet, as we recently learned in an exclusive video interview above, that's exactly how Williams started her career.

"I got discovered as a model at 14," the current GUESS Girl tells Fox News Magazine. "I was in my local hometown of Surrey, just outside of London, and I was actually eating at McDonald's at the time. Someone came over to me and he said, 'Would you like to join our little fashion show in the hometown mall?' So I just went along and did it."

We get the impression things moved pretty quickly from there, so we only hope she got the chance to finish her fries.

"There was a celebrity stylist actually watching the show, and he told me, 'Oh, you should go to an agency in London.' So I did. I took my mom. We went up to London and visited Storm Agency, and we went from there."

One thing apparently led to another, because Williams landed a gig as a GUESS Girl just a few years down the road, most recently serving as the face of their 2015 Fall Accessories campaign.

"This shoot is really beautiful for me," she says of the campaign. "It's one of my favorites, actually, because it's very natural, and it's really beautifully shot by the Pülmanns … I love their style. We're really in the scenery in L.A."

For more from Megan, as well as a peek at that beautiful campaign, be sure to watch her full interview above. Then after, scroll down to check out a few more of her modeling shots.