FNM Exclusive: Brazilian Beauty Barbara Fialho Reveals the REAL Secrets of a Victoria's Secret Model

Barbara Fialho is a lot of things — a model, a muse, a Juilliard-trained musician — but the one thing she isn't is a liar.

That's not to say the rest of Victoria's Secret's stunning beauties are being dishonest; they're just guarding their supermodel secrets a little more closely than Fialho.

We recently asked the Brazilian beauty for her tips on looking like a Victoria's Secret Angel, and that's when she got candid about a fashion model's daily routine. "We work really hard, you know?" says The Lions model in her exclusive interview with FNM. "I know a lot of girls who will tell you, 'You know, I just ate a burger this morning before I came,' and I really don't think that's true," she laughs.

So what's the real secret? "We're watching what we eat, we're trying to be really healthy, and working out a lot," claims Fialho.

"The idea that there is a trick, the idea that there is this magical thing that you do, and then suddenly [you're in top shape] … It doesn't exist. It's about discipline, and doing something good for your body every day."

Watch the rest of Fialho's interview above, then scope out some of her latest modeling work below: