Evening newscasts paint Trump as 'one-man rage machine' with negative language, per study

President Trump is “angry” and “lashing out” on a regular basis, as frequently portrayed by the mainstream media.

The Media Research Center conducted a study to determine what words reporters from ABC, NBC and CBS most often use to describe President Trump. The study “looked at every broadcast evening news story about the President from January 1 through September 10,” according to the MRC.

During the sample period, Trump was called “angry” 23 times, “furious” 17 times, “outraged” eight times, “venting” five times, “infuriated” five times and “livid” three times. The president was said to be “lashing out” a whopping 53 times, on a “tirade” eight times and was “erupting” three times during the nearly nine-month sample, according to the study.

MRC analysts Rich Noyes and Bill D’Agostino – who conducted the study – noted that reporters often use “highly-charged words” to label Trump as “unhinged or out-of-control.”

The study revealed that Trump was described as some version of angry “roughly 20 times per month,” with ABC’s “World News Tonight” responsible for more than half of the examples. ABC’s newscast described Trump as some version of angry 185 times this year, compared to 53 times on NBC’s “Nightly News” and 26 times on “CBS Evening News.”

The same study indicated that positive words such as “ecstatic,” “delighted,” “thrilled,” and “gleeful” were used to describe Trump only 23 times in all, less than the amount of times words like “frustrated,” “aggravated” and “dismayed” were used.

The MRC bills itself as a group dedicated to combating bias in the media, with a mission of creating a media culture in the United States that allows truth and liberty to flourish. The study's recap pointed to a recent Quinnipiac poll that showed 65 percent of voters don’t think Trump is level-headed and some don’t think he’s fit for office.

“After a year of news coverage casting him as a one-man rage machine, it’s a wonder that the President’s numbers aren’t worse than they are,” Noyes and D’Agostino concluded.

President Trump has been in an ongoing feud with much of the media since he entered the political landscape. He regularly refers to CNN as “fake news,” describes The New York Times as “failing” and mocks The Washington Post for being a division of Amazon – as billionaire Jeff Bezos owns both companies.