Emma Stone Goes Frizzy for 'The Help': Who Has the Worst Movie Hair?

It's not easy to make Emma Stone look ugly. Which is perhaps why the makers of the new movie "The Help" came up with this monstrosity for her head:

SODAHEAD SLIDESHOW: See the stars with the worst movie hair. 

Kidding aside, Stone's character "Skeeter" Phelan is supposed to look somewhat homely in the flick, based on the best-selling book about Southern belles in the 1960s who mistreat their black "help."

Skeeter is the nice one who can't land a husband -- and she also happens to be the reason why flat-irons were invented.

While Stone's hair is so distracting that it deserves it's own credit in the movie, we've seen even worse. From Glenn Close's finger-in-the-electric-socket look in "Fatal Attraction" to Taylor Lautner's long locks in "Twilight," let us know: Who has the worst movie hair?