Documentary claims serial killer murdered Nicole Simpson, Ron Goldman

Did a serial killer — and not O.J. Simpson — kill Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman?

That’s the premise of a new feature-length documentary by Investigation Discovery that details the life of Glen Rogers, one of America’s least-known serial killers. “My Brother the Serial Killer” airs Wednesday and contains interviews with police, prosecutors and Rogers’ family, most notably his brother Clay Rogers, who taught Glen how to steal at a young age.

Clay Rogers turned his brother into authorities after discovering a body in the family’s cabin in Hamilton, Minn. The body was that of an elderly neighbor and only then did Clay Rogers realize his brother’s tales about killing 50 people were not just ramblings.

Glen Rogers, who was convicted of killing two women in 1995 and was later sent to death row, told relatives he was “partying” with a woman in Los Angeles named Nicole Brown Simpson just before she was murdered along with Simpson. He also admitted to a criminal profiler that he had killed Simpson and Goldman.

Rogers, who was been working construction in the area at the time, seemingly knew things about the murder that only the killer could have known, including a detailed description of the exact sequence of the killings.

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And Simpson did, in fact, know the killer, according to the documentary, because, Rogers said Simpson had paid him to break into her house to steal a $20,000 pair of earrings for the former football star. Rogers claims Simpson also told him to kill “the bitch” if necessary.

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