'Django Unchained' draws crowds and controversy: Most controversial film of 2012?

"Django Unchained," the latest film from visionary director Quentin Tarantino, has been delighting critics and audiences all over the country. However, some are not so happy with it. Director Spike Lee called it's depiction of slavery "disrespectful," and Slate described it as having a feeling of "vague moral unease."

Does this make it the most controversial film of 2012? Another big movie of the holiday season, "Zero Dark Thirty," came under fire for its depiction of torture, while "Cloud Atlas" was accused of containing "badly done yellowface" by the Media Network for Asian Americans thanks to its casting of white actors as Korean characters.

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Other films were controversial because of Twitter beef. Samuel L. Jackson personally attached New York Times critic A.O. Scott on Twitter because of his review of "The Avengers." And Kim Novak, who played the lead in "Vertigo," described the use of parts of that film's score in "The Artist" as "rape."

There were other, smaller controversial films. "2016: Obama's America" was the most successful documentary of 2012, but attitudes toward it changed after details emerged about the director's private life. And "Innocence of Muslims" sparked outrage for depicting the prophet Muhammad.

And then there's "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey." Many fans were incensed when they found out that the short book was to be made into three 180-minute movies.

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Which do you think was the year's most controversial movie?