Discovery plans to air TV special featuring man's jump off Mount Everest using wing suit

Following the success of Discovery Channel’s televised space walk and tightrope walk across the Grand Canyon, the network is planning yet another nerve-racking TV special.

Discovery announced that this summer, they will film California resident Joby Ogwyn’s attempt to fly— using a wing suit— off the summit of Mount Everest.

“This is history in the making,” Group President of Discovery and TLC Networks Eileen O’Neill said in a statement. “Discovery Channel continues to bring live broadcast events unlike anything you’ll see on television...”

The network plans to lead into the death-defying stunt with two one-hour pre-shows to highlight Ogwyn’s training for the event. Then, Discovery will air a two-hour special showing his climb to Everest’s summit and eventual plunge off the top using his custom-made wing suit.

Ogwyn will have cameras attached to his suit, so viewers can get a close look at the athlete’s view as he soars down.

“This will be the final piece of my dream. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve imagined what it would be like to fly. I can’t think of a more spectacular backdrop than Everest,” Ogwyn said. “Everything that I’ve ever accomplished in my life has just been practice for what I’m about to do.”

The special will air in May 2014.