Digital media company Cherry Tree makes patriotic books for kids

Los Angeles-based digital media company Cherry Tree recently unveiled its first four series of children's books focused on delivering patriotic and morally instructive children’s entertainment with fun, engaging characters that impart strong American values.

“Unfortunately, many talented people in Hollywood find their values and politics do not reflect the content they create, and many movie themes are in direct contrast with over half of today’s American families," Allen Covert, rep for Cherry Tree and frequent collaborator on Adam Sandler's films, told FOX411's Pop Tarts column. "This is especially reflected in children’s entertainment where no brand currently promotes a strong patriotic, pro-family or American values message."

Covert said the Cherry Tree books fill a big void.

"As a parent with young children, I would always find little things that bothered me when I was reading bedtime stories or watching shows or listening to children’s music. I couldn’t find any stories, games or television shows that were fun and exciting while also being morally instructive and patriotic," he said. "I just felt that some parents would want stories that show strong themes of morality and patriotism."

Cherry Tree titles named “Tex the T. Rex” (a patriotic dinosaur); “Special Hops” (rabbits who defend the farm – pro-military); “Our Town, USA” (work ethics, entrepreneurship and small town values); and “The Eagles” (a family that passes down traditions and time-tested principles to their kids) can be accessed using an interactive app for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Users can either read the books themselves or, for younger children, click to have the books read to them.

According to Covert, all four books communicate the warm messages of "small town values and American exceptionalism" in an effort to teach the younger generation to have pride in their country.

"When I was a kid there was nothing better than being American, but now it seems like children are being raised to apologize for their country. Cherry Tree is a return to patriotic American values," Covert said. "Cherry Tree gives parents a choice for their children where they didn’t have a choice before."