“Dancing with the Stars” has revealed its star studded cast. The Baltimore Ravens’ Jacoby Jones, “American Idol’s” Kellie Pickler, and country legend Wynona Judd are in, while some of the rumored contestants – like “The Bachelor’s” Sean Lowe – were just that, rumors.

For some celebs, getting on the popular, long-running competition can reignite their floundering careers, while others’ stars seem to fade even more after they appear on the show.

So how do some D-List celebs manage to dance their way to A-List star status? And who will shine during the show’s 16th season?

“I think that some of these celebrities really, really benefit from it because not only does it possibly revive a career… but it shows them in a different light,” Pop culture watcher Alison Stewart told FOX 411’s In the Zone.

But Peter Davis, Editor of Scene Magazine, said celebs with no dancing skills should think twice before signing on for the rigorous competition.

“I would say almost 80 % of the stars [who] have done it shouldn’t have done it,” he said. “The ones who have done well, you didn’t really know who they were. Someone like Kellie Pickler this season is great because she was on ‘American Idol’… but I think someone like Wynona Judd seems a little bit desperate and a little bit late in the game to be on the show.”

He said the show is a good option for stars who have some dancing experience.

“I think it’s good for celebrities to do ‘Dancing with the Stars’ if you really have nothing else to sell and you can dance. I mean if Channing Tatum ever needs a job that should definitely be it,” Davis said.

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Stewart added that a bad run on “Dancing” could seriously hurt a celeb’s career.

“I think it sometimes looks like… a last ditch effort to kind of make a comeback or show that they’re still relevant,” she said. “Sometimes you do have to go out on top and go out gracefully.”

And then there are some stars with two-left feet that should never put on their dance shoes in the first place, Stewart said.

“I think some of the celebrities who really shouldn’t have done it are people maybe like a Holly Madison. She showed herself to be sort of awkward almost. She’s a beautiful girl and she’s got some great talent but she was booted off right away.”

But the show’s success keeps attracting fresh celebrities, and this season’s cast is no different.

Stewart said contestants with a good personality will shine on the show.

“I think this season the new cast should really keep in mind that they have to play to the audience,” she said. “They have to be gracious. I think sometimes when the judges judge harshly they get a little snippy--they get a little nasty. It’s not going to win them any fans.”