Driving your pick-up truck down a dirt road under the moonlight to pick up your girl who wears tight jeans, and then getting drunk on a river bank.

That's what Entertainment Weekly's country critic Grady Smith said mainstream country acts sing about these days. And he cut a hilarious, and illuminating, YouTube video to prove it.

"Ten gallon hats and Wrangler jeans now feel out of place in a sea of trucker caps and wallet chains," Smith wrote in the introduction to his list of 2013's Top 10 Country Albums.

"In short, the genre is something of a mess right now," he said. "It’s telling that the country format is both more popular and more criticized than it has been in decades."

Click for Smith's list of artists he thinks are doing it right. Here is his Spoiler Alert: "Luke Bryan, Tyler Farr, Justin Moore, Jake Owen, and Thomas Rhett definitely didn’t make the cut."

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