Chino y Nacho Talk Supremo Tour

On the heels of their fourth studio album, Venezuelan duo Chino y Nacho are preparing to bring their unique blend of urban contemporary sounds to audiences across North America as part of their "Supremo Tour."

Jesus Miranda and Miguel Mendoza (Chino y Nacho respectively) sat down with Fox News Latino to talk about their latest accomplishment, which will take them to thirteen U.S. cities including Los Angeles, San Diego, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Washington, DC, Charlotte, Atlanta, New York City, and Charleston.

"I'm so excited that after so many years of performing, we will finally have our own tour around the United States throughout the month of May and that we can bring our full performance to the Hispanic community as well as American audiences who enjoy listening to music in Spanish, Mendoza said."

"Our show is so much more than what you hear from our cds. Fans will get the full experience where we can express our art and enjoy watching audiences jump around full of energy connecting with us, he added."

"It will be a beautiful experience and we are anxious for it to begin immediately!"

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Both Miranda and Mendoza have taken the stage at many of the cities where they are scheduled to visit this month but were never the headlining act.  They look forward to taking the lead this time around in familiar spots as well as in cities they have never performed.

"The anxiety is the same for cities where we have performed in the past as part of an urban music tour or a festival and for those places where we have never been, Mendoza explained."  "We look forward to meeting audiences who have seen us before and those who will be seeing us for the first time."

"Every place has its magic and its mystery and I look forward to them all being great."

Chino y Nacho will be fully dedicated to the Supremo Tour from May 9th to June 16th but you can be sure they are not wrapping up for the rest of the year.  Fans from all over Latin America and even Spain can expect to hear about show dates in the near future.

"This tour will not only consist of the United States but we will also be performing in Europe, specifically in Spain next month, said Miranda."  "After that we will extend the tour throughout Latin America with our kick-off in Mexico taking place sometime in September."

While Miami was left out of the official tour schedule, Chino y Nacho will partake in a post-game performance when the Miami Marlins take on the Tampa Bay Rays on June 8th.

"We will be performing after a Miami Marlins baseball game for all the audience members who attend, Miranda said." "It's a really great gift from the Marlins for the Hispanic community who have been supporting them. This is the perfect opportunity for our Miami fans to catch our performance."

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