Charlie Sheen's Wife Out of Hospital, In Rehab Facility

Charlie Sheen's wife Brooke Mueller was released from the hospital Monday night after a battle with pneumonia with orders to rest for the next week, her lawyer Yale Galanter said.

Now her stepfather father tells that Mueller is convalescing at the drug and alcohol rehabilitation center Two Dreams Outer Banks in North Carolina.

Jon Fiore told "She couldn't go back to the house, what is she going to do? With all the problems and the stress? She's getting help and her mother is with her. I commend her for that."

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Fiore's comments came after multiple reports that Mueller was entering a rehab facility were refuted by her lawyer. Galanter further explained to that while Mueller was at a rehab facility, she was not in rehab.

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Galanter also said that Charlie Sheen visited his wife in the hospital, but now that she is out, the court order keeping them from contacting each other remains in full effect.

The Sheens have a Feb. 8 court date in Aspen in the aftermath of a domestic violence incident that brought police to their Colorado home on Christmas Day.

Galanter says they will ask for modification of the no-contact order. Sheen is also set for arraignment that day on domestic violence charges.

- The Associated Press contributed to this report.