Who Is Brooke Mueller?

Charlie Sheen's wife of just over a year is a real estate investor with a cloudy past.

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    Who Is Brooke Mueller?

    After a bitter divorce from actress Denise Richards, it seemed Charlie Sheen had finally found his perfect mate in real estate investor Brooke Mueller (or Brooke Allen.) The couple was introduced by Sheen's friends Rebecca Gayheart and Eric Dane.  After a casual wedding in May of 2008 (Sheen insisted that his guests would be comfortable and not be required to wear ties), Sheen and Mueller welcomed twin boys Bob and Max.  Friends described the couple as "well matched and incredibly happy." But a domestic dispute on Dec. 25 quickly shattered the image of a picture-perfect relationship.  Click through to learn more about Mueller and Sheen's reportedly troubled marriage. (Source: X17 Online. Click here for more Brooke photos from X17)
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    Sheen proposed to Brooke Mueller in June of 2007 while the couple vacationed in Costa Rica with a $500G, 11-carat diamond ring. The couple sold their wedding photo to OK magazine, shown here on their cover. At the time, People magazine reported that Brooke wanted a big wedding, but Charlie insisted that they keep it simple and small, even foregoing wedding gifts in favor of charitable donations.
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    In the spring of 2009, Sheen and Mueller welcomed twin boys. At the time of his birth, Max was too small to be released from the hospital. Three weeks later, he was strong enough to return home to live with his family, including brother Bob. The babies are now nine months old. (Source: X17 Online. Click here for more X17 photos)
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    Despite friction between Sheen and second wife Denise Richards, Mueller seems to get along well with her. Here, the two can be seen smiling after dropping off Lola and Sam, Sheen's daughters with Richards. (Source: X17. Click here for more Brooke and Denise photos)
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    May 23: Brooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen's ex-wife Denise Richards embrace in L.A. (Source: X17 Online. Click here for more Brooke photos)
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    Charlie and Brooke

    Sheen has become known for his struggles with substance abuse, but according to RadarOnline.com, Mueller has also had a few brushes with the law. According to Florida records obtained by Radar, Mueller was arrested once for DUI and damage to property in 1996 and a second time for an outstanding warrant for cocaine possession in 2001. Several reports claim that at the time of Sheen's arrest, Mueller had been drinking heavily with her husband, a recovering addict who had previously appeared to be sober. (Source: X17Online.com. Click here for more Brooke photos)
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    Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller

    Despite reports that Mueller was seeking a divorce from Sheen and had obtained a restraining order against him, lawyers say the couple wants to reconcile. "They're very much in love. They want to try to work it out and want to have the best shot at doing that," Brooke Sheen's attorney, Yale Galanter, told The Associated Press. Charlie Sheen's attorney, Richard Cummins, confirmed his client wants to reconcile. Cummins said he is asking a judge to modify a restraining order that prevents the couple from having contact. (Source: Associated Press)
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