'Celebrity Family Feud' recap: 'Bachelor' nation has some trouble

It was a night of romance, odd answers and stiff competition as contestants from ABC’s hits “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” took the “Celebrity Family Feud” stage. While roses were present, it was far from the type of situation that fans are used to seeing the members of “Bachelor” nation involved in.

It was another boys vs. girls matchup. Things kicked off strong with the boys winning the first question. However, it became quickly apparent that the questions about about being married for a long time, were somewhat lost on the boys. After a few subpar answers such as not wanting your wife to end up smelling like her mother, host Steve Harvey couldn’t help but poke fun at the bachelors.

“We have four dudes that are living the life up here,” the host quipped after joking that none of them had any intention of ever getting married. However, just when you thought the boys would get all the gentle ribbing, Jubilee dropped a simply puzzling answer.


When asked what might crawl into one’s sleeping bag while camping, she unabashedly declared “a branch.” Everyone was going to move past it, but the host had to pause. He stopped for a second and asked her to clarify, and she simply repeated her answer. He attempted to give her an out, by suggesting one might fall from a tree, but she insisted she meant a twig on the ground.

With that, the host grabbed her rose, which the ladies brought for effect, and placed it on the ground to ask how she thought it would crawl into a sleeping bag.

“Steve, I’m a thinker. I’m used to…” she said, before Harvey cut her off.

“I know, I’m trying to be a thinker too.”


Despite the setback, the ladies actually played a pretty good game. Sadly, they lost some key questions at key moments, and it was the men that moved into the Fast Money round, where they cast a decisive victory and won the full cash prize for their charity.

The back half of the evening saw “Back to the Future” star Leah Thompson and celebrity chef Sandra Lee go head-to-head. It was a close came with the score going back and forth, but ultimately it was the Thompson clan that edged out the win, making it to the Fast Money round. In a surprisingly tight showing, the family was able to also take home the full cash prize for their charity.