Carl's Jr. model Kara Del Toro: Ad plays up 'what's going on .. with immigration,' calls it 'bold move'

Kara Del Toro follows Kate Upton, Charlotte McKinney, Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton as the star of a Carl’s Jr. commercial. The bikini model told FOX411 that although the ad focuses on a volleyball game, her being "horrible at volleyball" mattered little.

FOX411: Tell us about the new commercial.

Kara Del Toro: The new commercial is for the Carl’s Jr. TexMex burger, so you got two groups of hot chicks, Team Tex and Team Mex, and we’re playing volleyball to figure out whether the burger is a Texas burger or a Mexican burger.

FOX411: In the commercial there’s butt slapping – you actually did that- and the cameras are pretty fixated on your bums the entire time. Do you think Carl’s Jr. is going too far this time around?

Del Toro: I don’t think it goes too far. I think it’s really sexy, and I think it’s playing up on what’s going on politically right now with immigration. I think it was a bold move for Carl’s Jr. I love it, and they did the butt slapping scene in slow motion. So, it was pretty hot.

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    FOX411: In the commercial, there are two teams – Texas vs. Mexico. The Texas team features blondes and the Mexican team brunettes. Do you think the ad is stereotyping?

    Del Toro: I’m actually born and raised in Texas and (on) Team Mexico. I’m a brunette, but I was born and raised in Texas. I think they really just wanted to differentiate, you know, this team as Hispanic and this team as American, and I guess that was an easier way to do it. So, you weren’t confused.

    FOX411: How did you get the commercial?

    Del Toro: Yeah, I missed the casting. I was home visiting my family and my agent sent them a video of me and had me come directly to the callback. I had no idea we were going to play volleyball so I showed up in my dress and high heels to a volleyball court, and I had to take off my shoes, go barefoot. I had a bikini in my car and I auditioned and somehow they booked me. I’m horrible at volleyball, but luckily that didn’t matter that much.

    FOX411: What’s next for you? Is there any model’s career you want to emulate? Has anyone dubbed you the next so and so?

    Del Toro: This industry is so unpredictable. I had no idea I was even up for a Carl’s Jr. commercial three days before I got it, so who knows. I have a Beach Bunny campaign coming out and a few other projects I’m working on, so we’ll have to see; hopefully all good things. I don’t know if I’ve been dubbed the next anyone really. I love Kate Upton. I love healthy, curvy models. Good businesswomen.