Candace Cameron Bure hopes her past struggles will help others

Candace Cameron Bure is hoping her past battle with an eating disorder can help others who are struggling.

The "Fuller House" star first revealed she struggled with an eating disorder in 2011 and has since tried to use her celebrity to shed light on those struggling.

"So many people think that eating disorders are a teenage problem, but I was in my 20s," Bure told Good Housekeeping. "I've met people suffering in their 30s, 40s, up to 80-years-old."

The actress teamed up with the Eating Recovery Center to raise awareness about adults with eating disorders.

"One of the great things about being a celebrity is that you are given a platform to highlight things you feel strongly about," she told the magazine. "My goal is to encourage other people to know that there's hope."

The mom-of-three stays focuses on eating whole foods and working out to stay fit and healthy.

"I've never felt more confident," Bure told People. "Each year that I get older, I feel better and better, and more confident about my body and the woman that I am."