Brooklyn Decker tells body-shamer why she's a 'bag of bones': 'Children sucked the life out of my body'

Brooklyn Decker‏ is tired of people critiquing her body — or "lack thereof," as she says — particularly after she gave birth to two children.

Finally, the fed-up mom decided to respond to a Twitter troll who asked why she was so "gangly."

The person said it was "confusing" since she "looked so good" and curvier when she starred in the 2011 romantic comedy "Just Go With It" alongside Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston, according to People.


"For the umpteenth time- because people love to comment on my body ... my children sucked the life out of my body and left behind a bag of bones. I don’t know what else to tell you. I miss my boobs too- I don’t even know what to call them now," the 31-year-old model replied last week to a body-shamer, who appears to have since deleted the tweet.

More than 1,000 people liked Decker's reply and dozens thanked her for being so open about struggles with her body post-pregnancy.

"Moms call those boobs 'socks with rocks' in ‘em... Happens to the best of us after having babies," one woman wrote.

"Omg! Are we living the same life? So much room," another joked.


"I always wonder where my boobs went after having my two children...WHERE DID THEY GO?? Of course, I say this to myself, at night, in privacy. I don’t care who you are, not ok to say this to you!!" another mom commented.

The "Grace and Frankie" star had a cheeky response.

"The funny thing is I haven't had the time to buy new bras, so they are like empty shells of their former life. A daily reminder of what once was!" Decker tweeted.

"I FELT THIS. every day I feel like a bag of bones 84 lbs at 24 years old is not cute," another mom revealed.

"Did it ever change?! did you go back to 'normal'? or did that become your new normal? That's how i feel.. This is just who I am now!" Decker replied.

Decker has two kids — Hank, 3, and daughter Stevie, 1 — with her tennis star husband Andy Roddick. The model has previously opened up about body image issues she's overcome in the past.

"When I was younger, I was insecure about being gangly and having no shape," Decker told Self magazine in January 2011, per the Daily Mail. "People made fun of me and called me a boy. I remember praying for boobs and a butt."

"People made fun of me and called me a boy! I remember praying for boobs and a butt. Luckily, I grew into myself and got curves, but when I was first modeling, I wished for that boyish Gisele body again!" she admitted, later adding that she's learned to stop "obsessing" about weight and has grown to have a healthy relationship with food.